How Could You Start Windows In Safe Mode?

How Could You Start Windows In Safe Mode?

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Problems related to the DLL files and device drivers as well as other PC related problems can be solved via starting a Window in safe mode. Similarly, it also helps to prevent the errors like Blue Screen of Death as well as other problems which stop the Window to work and start normally.

For the Window 10

Followings are the steps to start safe mode in Window 10:

  • Long press the Win + I to start the setting menu
  • Go to the section of Update and security
  • There you will find an option of Recovery click on it and you will find a grey section called Advanced Startup, select the option of Restart now of it
  • The option called “Choose an option on your screen, after the restarting your PC
  • Find an option of troubleshoot, then advanced option and go to startup setting from there
  • Then restart again
  • The second time restarting of your PC will give you an option of Safe Mode. Or you can simply safe mode your PC by pressing F4

If your work with safe mode also needs some active networking drivers, you should press F5 or choose Safe Mode with Networking for this purpose.

For the shortcut

For the shortcut of this procedure, restart your PC and go to the Setting menu. Long press the shift while going to the login option and clicking on the option of Power. The option of Choose an option on your screen after restarting the Window once again.

For the Previous Versions

As compared to the Window 10, the previous versions like Window 8 and 7 have the easier way to start a Window in safe mode. The same method also applies on the previous versions too. However, the version of the OS is mattered in this regard. In the case, user does not know about the exact version of the PC, the verification is needed for knowing the exact version.

Safe mode’s Shortcoming

It is not like that if you start Window in a safe mode, it will solve the problems you are having with your PC. On the contrary, its purpose is not to solve or create any kind of problem. Its main purpose is to prevent the interference of the irrelevant software and drivers to the PC while the problem regarding the main driver would be solved.

If your Window has the System Configuration Utility option while accessing, it can help you to start Window in safe mood directly.  For this purpose, you should choose start in Safe Mode while choosing the configuration option of the Window. If you have any kind of option with the aforementioned method, then try to force start Window in Safe Mode.

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