How IT Security Audits Can Keep Your Customers Secure and Happy?

How IT Security Audits Can Keep Your Customers Secure and Happy?

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The personal identifiable information (PII) of your customers needs to be properly protected so that they will have confidence in dealing with you. With reported leaks of vital customer information in some reputable organizations, it is very important for you to present your company as a trusted entity that will secure private information. Embarking on an IT security audit will give your customers the assurance that you take their security seriously. How can you flawlessly go about it?

Begin With a Security Risk Assessment

You need to regularly review your procedures and policies in order to identify issues that should be fixed. You will also be able to single out weaknesses in your cyber security so that you will be better prepared to tackle likely threats. An adequate security risk assessment will ensure that breaches are prevented, effect of realized breaches reduced and protection of your company’s name guaranteed.

Identify and Enumerate Asset Vulnerabilities

It is very important for you to single out all possible risks that could have an adverse effect on your business. You should understand the laws, regulations, technologies as well as business processes pertaining to your business so that you will be able to understand the dangers that your company may be exposed to. It will also enable you to evaluate the probability of an attack, the intention of the attackers and the likely impact level.

Identify and Enumerate Both Internal and External Cyber Threats

A lot of cyber threats can affect your systems at any point in time; hence, you should identify both internal and external threats that could pose dangers to your company. These threats should be enumerated and you should ensure that you track them.

Get Vulnerability and Threat Information From External Sources

By getting vulnerability and threat information from as many external sources as possible, you will be better prepared to fight them, especially if the information is coming from comparable companies in your industry. Information from external sources will give you an additional insight into what may not be revealed from internal sources.

Determine Potential Effect on Your Business

The potential effect of each threat on your business should be determined so that you will be able to focus your resources efficiently. You should enumerate realized attacks and the level of impact of each attack as this will enable you to come up with the right preventive measures.

Define and Prioritize Risk Responses

You should be able to single out methods of responding to risks and best ways for your company to fight them. Since there will be many response options available to you, it is advisable to define the most effective method of dealing with a threat.

What IT Security Audits Will Consider?

Running an IT security audit for your business will take the following into consideration:

1. Outdated Software or Hardware

If you are using outdated software or hardware, it can expose your business to new threats. Even when you have an updated system, any damage to your hardware like motherboard, hard drives, servers, etc., can lead to loss of prospects as well as clients. It is important for you to note that hardware and software manufacturers usually stop security updates for their products after some years of release.

2. New Devices and Systems in Your Network

If there is a new system or device in your network, it can trigger a security audit. This will ensure that the new devices are not accessing the network on an un-encrypted device which may expose the system to attacks.

3. Proper Adjustment of Software firewall

If your software firewall is not properly adjusted, it may lead to performance limitations which can expose your business to risks. A general firewall cannot do the magic but one specifically tailored to your business which can meet the challenges of the present world.

4. Analysis of Data Backup Methods

A comprehensive security audit will analyze your backup methods to determine your preparedness for any potential attack. Your data backup method must take into consideration the past point in time to recover your data and the actual time it will take for the data to be fully restored after a backup is initiated.

Using Regular Security Audit As A Marketing Tool

By evaluating the current security status of your company, you are giving your customers more reasons to do business with you. They will be confident that their PII is adequately protected. More importantly, an audit will make your mind to be at peace, boosts your business practices and enhances the confidence of your customers.

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