How To Be Alert When Somebody Interferes Your Mac?

How To Be Alert When Somebody Interferes Your Mac?

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Your laptop is open to attack if you take it to a public place and leave it alone. You may put it in your hotel room and take a stroll to the bar. It is susceptible to ‘evil maid’ attack (a hypothetical circumstance of a cyber criminal moving stealthily into a hotel room to steal or gain access into a laptop). You may think that the only way to forestall this type of a situation is to always carry your laptop with you in public places or keep your door locked. This may be a good option but there is an app in town that will surely help in preventing evil maid attack.

The Genesis

The security app for Mac is known as Do Not Disturb and was created by Patrick Wardle, a former NSA employee. He got the idea of the app at a Moscow restaurant where he was attending a date while his laptop was in his hotel room. Do Not Disturb will send a message to your iPhone when someone opens the cover of your laptop. You can then take the picture of the intruder, shut down your system or record your screen so that you will see what the intruder is doing. If your Mac has a touch ID, you can disable the app within some seconds so that it doesn’t notify you every time you open the system.

Other Features

Do Not Disturb is free for Mac but the iOS app will cost you $9.99 per year. You can use email notification, which is free, if you don’t want to subscribe to the annual plan but this comes with limited capability. This app will monitor unauthorized access to your system but it is very important for you to prevent this access because any physical attack to your system will make it compromised. An attacker may not even open the lid, but will just unscrew it and connect the hard drive to another system in order to gain access to your data.

Furthermore, the Do Not Disturb app can be disturbed if the WiFi connection to the laptop is disabled or jammed with a Faraday cage. In a situation like this, the app will still capture some evidence of the intrusion and save it on the laptop. Like every other security tool, Do Not Disturb has its own limitations but it makes evil maid attack more tasking for the attacker and other better protection for your system.

On a Final Note

The security of your laptop should be your top priority. You should do everything possible to make sure that your Mac is not left alone when you are in a public place. Using security tools to protect your device will definitely prevent physical attacks but you shouldn’t leave anything to chances so that the best protection will be guaranteed for your computer. If you discovered that your system has been tampered with in any way, you should get in touch with your IT support expert right away.

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