Power Up Your Business Productivity with IT Support

Power Up Your Business Productivity with IT Support

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Business productivity is not just about employee output; it is about the support you get when you need it most. Wherever it might come from, Customers, Technicians, Contractors or Suppliers, what counts most is that they respond quickly when it matters.

Almost every large firm with more than 50 employees have one thing in common, they all have an IT department. This department takes responsibility for the maintenance of software, computers, and provides repairs whenever required. Given the fact that more than 90% of people who work in large sized corporations own and use multiple devices for their jobs, that is a high-demand and a lot of pressure. The situation is no different with small and medium-sized enterprises. The biggest difference between these two types of organizations is the presence of IT support. Many smaller businesses just don’t have the budget to employ an IT technician so support their networks and their devices. In most cases, the volume of work does not warrant the wages of a full-time or even part-time member of staff.

Due to the significance of IT  within any size of business, this imbalance needs to be addressed. Information Technology is very often central to the core operations of a business. If a website goes down, this can impact heavily on the ability for that company to make revenue or service their customers. Every minute a system is down can impact upon productivity, it can cost the company money, and it can waste employee time.

Managed IT Support Services for the SMB

A good quality tech support service will ensure the company’s systems are kept afloat and save your regular work from floundering. There are many other ways a good quality tech support can help to boost the quality and productivity of your business. We have outlined just a few of these below:

  • Rapid Response -In the case of system downtime or device malfunction. With critical and ongoing maintenance; in many cases, your IT support will know about any issues before you become aware of them.
  • Service Level Agreements – The majority of IT support service providers will give your business a guaranteed uptime assurance. In most cases, this will be 99% or more.
  • Remote Assistance – All IT tech support technicians will be able to remotely access your devices, wherever you are located. This can often result in a rapid resolution of any issues to help you and your team operational.
  • Expert IT Support -At a fraction of the cost – We have already discussed that IT Support Technicians are often too costly for the SMB to employ directly. With managed IT services you get access to highly skilled IT support for a fraction of the cost of hiring in your own IT staff.
  • Improved Customer Service – If your website or one of the core customer management systems goes down with a problem, this can significantly impact on the service levels you can offer your customers. Having a rapid response, IT Support tech readily available to help you can ensure you give great customer support and service, without having to tell them that dreaded line that nobody wants to hear ‘our systems are down.’
  • Reduced Downtime – Improve Productivity. The least amount of time your systems are down, the more productive your team can be.
  • Timely System Updates– Upgrades and security patches are constantly monitored and updated as soon as they become available. Ensuring the integrity of your business and customer information is maintained at all times.
  • Back-Ups and Distater Recovery – Regularly scheduled back-ups of your critical business information are handled on your behalf, mitigating risk and ensuring that should any disaster occur, your business can quickly get access to its vital information.

These are just a few of the reasons why Managed IT Support is an ideal solution for the SMB. Knowing you have the back-up of trained professionals to support your business operations and your employee devices are in safe hands.