Which Is The Best Of The Best Among Computers To Buy?

Which Is The Best Computer To Buy?

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We know how difficult it can be when it comes to shopping for good computers. This article will help you buy one according to your requirement, expectations and budget.

Computer- A Basic Necessity Or An Avoidable Luxury

Before you start planning to make this purchase, it’s important to determine if you really need one in the first place. Do you really NEED to invest in a computer or laptop? It wouldn’t be fair to you to spend so much to just check emails and surf the internet. Tablets and your standard Android or iPhone can easily assist you in completing soft tasks like these. However, if you require a system needed for editing and creating documents, videos, programming or playing video games then you’re justified in wanting a personal computer.

Type of Computer Required

Next, you narrow down your choices by deciding upon the type of computer required by you. Laptops are more commonly used these days as compared to desktop computers. Despite being portable and efficient when it comes to space, they do not prove to be an exact substitute for all that a desktop has to offer. Firstly, you’d have to compromise on the screen size and processing speed. Also, these days they rarely have DVD drives and the number of USB ports is limited as well.

Apple Vs Windows  vs The Third option

The “is Apple better than Windows computer” debate has been going as long as anybody can ever remember and neither side has dominated and won over to this date. In the end, it all comes down to the preferences of the consumer or which system have they’ve been using so far.

Those that plan on switching over should consider that it’ll take time to adjust to the new layout and find their way around things. Also, they’ll have to deal with the absence of some specs present in the previously used system. For instance, Mac users can easily view and read documents that have been imported from FAT32, ExFAT or NTFS partition. A Windows computer, on the other hand, isn’t capable of reading files imported from Mac HSF plus partition. It requires the files to be copied to its hard drive and then converted to FAT32 or ExFAT format.

Many users have switched over to Apple because it offers better reliability and stability as compared to Windows computers especially since Windows 10 has been introduced. So far we’ve painted a grim picture of Windows computers but that doesn’t mean that Apple is perfect and leaves its users entirely satisfied.

Apple computers namely MacBook Air and Pro and iMac are extremely expensive when it comes to replacement and it’s almost impossible to have them repaired as well. Credit for such difficulties experienced goes to the design and component’s controlling nature.  These reasons seemed sufficient enough for some apple users to switch over to Window computers.

The question is which one is actually better and worth the investment? Well, Apple does provide you with better quality but there’s a price to it and it doesn’t come with a guarantee either. Windows, on the other hand, wouldn’t promise you with the same quality as Mac but you’d be saving yourself time, money and fatigue all which results from the drama caused by replacement and updating issues.

What if you’re neither an Apple nor a Windows person? Is there a third option? Linux operating system offers a lot of variety and would work as a good substitute for the Windows currently installed on your computer. You get to choose between Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mint, Debian and a number of other distributions.

Desktop or Laptop

If saving space around the office or in your home isn’t one of your objectives then it’d be safe to go with a desktop computer. Apple iMac is an infamous All-in-One design that you may want to bring in but there are similar choices in Windows computers as well. Some examples are Dell, Acer, Hp, ASUS and Lenovo. Desktop computers have plenty to offer. Number one being the display size which usually is 21 to 27 inches big. As a plus, it displays full high definition content in IPS quality. Its cost and issues related to replacement of parts are some of its disadvantages.

Desktops are especially popular among gamers and people for whom editing videos and music is a must. You can also have your computers custom built but they’re rather pricey as compared to most of the established models and brands.

Laptops cannot and should not be expected to be an exact replacement of desktop computers.  Obviously, laptops have lesser to offer and are fit for those who donnot prioritize neither a high definition display nor a powerful processing system. Specifications in laptops are available but are limited.

Budget- The Basis For Your Purchase

It is important that you buy something that you can conveniently afford. You might have to spend the same amount of money again in case of the failure of hardware or obsolescence. Invest a sum of money that you think is reasonable enough for a time period of 3 to 4 years for a standard Windows computer and 5 to 6 years for Apple MacOS.  Both the companies are introducing modified versions of their systems quite frequently which means that older versions of the system would end up losing their official support.

Options are quite limited when buying a MacOS but your main concern should be its configuration. Ensure that it caters to your requirements before placing the order and paying for it. Upgrading its RAM or hard drive etc. would be expensive so it’s better to do your homework before hand.  Make sure that 128 or 256 GB SSD/ flash drive is adequate enough and fulfills your needs when buying a MacBook Air.

For Windows 10 it is recommended that an OS with a 64 bit professional version be bought. One that also has a RAM of at least 8 GB, for laptops it should be at least 500 GB and for desktops, a hard drive space of 1 TB is suggested. Also see to it that your computer has an i5 Intel Core processor or at least one that is its equivalent.

If a DVD drive and USB ports are enlisted in your requirements then thoroughly search for them in the model you’re buying as recently most laptops dont have DVD drives and include only two or three USB ports in their design.

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