You Need To Reboot Your Router - FBI Says So

You Need To Reboot Your Router – FBI Says So

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released a public service announcement advising owners of routers in homes as well as offices to reboot them. This is coming on the heels of an alleged compromise of many devices by a Russian-sponsored malware known as VPNFilter. The rebooting process is very simple, you only need to unplug your router from its major power source, wait for like ten seconds and get it plugged in again. Will this simple method solve this predicament?

What Is VPNFilter Malware

VPNFilter is the latest malware that is capable of rendering your routers defective. Research shows that about 500,000 routers may have been infected worldwide by this bug and it has the ability to gather up information being exchanged on the router. According to FBI, a group of Russian hackers known as The Solfacy Group are the brains behind this infection and they have been using it to gain access to infected devices. Although the FBI has seized a crucial portion of the network running the attack, it is still advisable for you to reboot your device no matter its brand and model.

Is Your Device Infected?

According to Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group’s report, some of the routers infected are Linksys E1200, Linksys E2500, Netgear DGN2200, Netgear R6400, QNAP TS251, QNAP YS349 Pro, just to mention a few. Your router may not be mentioned but the Cisco report stated further that these are not the only devices affected by the malware. As a result of this, whether your device is mentioned or not, it is very important for you to reset it in order to be on a safer side.

What You Should Do

Even though FBI advised that rebooting is the best option, Cisco is insisting that a portion of the infection may still be stubborn. Consequently, you should consider factory resetting for your device. This will go a long way in giving you the assurance that you are 100% covered. This can be a disruptive process and you may need to download your router’s user guide before embarking on the process. Usually, you will have to press down the reset button on the device and as soon as this is done, you should then reconfigure it. The configuration process will include the re-creation of the WiFi network as well as password.

Furthermore, Linksys admonished that you should consider the application of the latest firmware before embarking on the factory reset, including the change of the default password. This will offer more protection for your device after you have carried out the reset. Remember that your online safety, especially of your business, is very crucial so that you will be able to achieve the best result.


Protecting your router from Russian hackers is a very vital step you need to take in order to boost your online security. With proper consultation of your manual, you should be able carry out these simple functions with ease. However, if you are having any difficulty in fixing this problem, you can get in touch with your system engineer.

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