Desktop Management and Support

Have you noticed the difference between a new computer and the same computer few months later? What happened to that super fast computer you bought few months ago? A desktop is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your business and if is not maintain properly it’ll slow down the whole business operation. Besides, frustrated employees are not the most productive ones. Therefore, a desktop (as well as laptops, tablets and mobile devices) need to be in optimum state. Pronto Tech’s Desktop Management and Support service will keep your computers running like new.

To achieve it we regularly perform the following tasks:

  • Install OS Patches and Updates
  • Install 3rd party Software Updates
  • Monitor Antivirus and Firewall status and Scan notifications
  • Monitor Security Status
  • Monitor Installed software and remove unapproved applications
  • Monitor Hardware status


Pronto Tech makes sure that all these tasks are performed using our Desktop Management and Support Services. We understand that a fast running desktop is necessary in this competitive world. We monitor your workstation to detect and prevent potential problems and if a problem still arises will fix it quickly. This will go a long way towards increasing your business productivity.