Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

If you are a Small or Medium Size Business you’re likely to have a network of computers, printers and other devices sharing files and accessing the Internet. For the entire network to be reliable and secure, every device needs to be updated and patched regularly, the right security policies have to be applied across the network and business files backed up and protected.

As the business owner you have more important things do to than applying patches to computers, you have a business to run. Many businesses ignore their IT infrastructure and decide to wait until there is a problem and then call for help. This band-aid approach leaves computers and network devices exposed to security risks and make managing IT costs virtually impossible.

The alternative is to have a company like Pronto Tech to manage your network making sure all devices are protected, patched and critical information is backed up and secure. We will take the pain out of managing and supporting your IT network.  And all this for a Flat Rate which includes Unlimited Tech Support.

How does Managed IT Services work?

  • Monitoring and Managing: Using specialized monitoring software (RMM) we monitor and manage computers and make sure the installed software is up to date and the operative system is patched.
  • Hardware: Computer components (like the hard drive and memory) are monitored to detect issues early before they become big problems leading to data loss.
  • Security: We monitor the security status of each computer making sure the antivirus is active and updated and no unauthorized software is installed. We make sure the latest firmware is installed on Routers and WiFi devices and the security best practices applied across the network.
  • Data Backup: A good backup can literally save your business, but it needs to be current and run daily. We monitor all backups and test them periodically to make sure they’ll work when needed.
  • Help Desk: If a user has a problem or just a question, she just opens a Support Ticket and one of our expert technicians will remote in and fix the problem.

Our Managed Services will improve your business productivity by eliminating unnecessary downtime while keeping your IT costs under control. But don’t take our word for it, if you’re looking for reliable and dependable IT Service, try our Managed IT Services for 15 days completely FREE, no strings attached.