Remote and Onsite Support

Remote Support

How many times did someone in your business forget their email password, had problems printing a document, or need to setup an account for a new employee? All these problems can be fixed remotely by our Help Desk team which is available 24×7, including big holidays. You just pick up your phone or start a chat session and a technician will be right there to help you. And the best thing: you can call as many times as you like, it’s all included in one affordable fee.

Onsite Support

Eventually there will be problems that will require onsite help, like replacing a router, a crashed hard drive or troubleshooting a bad WiFi signal. If you’re stuck with one of those out of state IT companies, you’ll have to wait days for them to send a subcontractor who doesn’t know your network and may do more harm than good. Since we’re a local company, anytime you need onsite support anywhere in Manassas, Herndon, Woodbridge, Chantilly, Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC we will be there to help. You don’t need to wait to get expert IT support at your office.

Preventative Maintenance

Most IT problems are preventable. Patching computers regularly prevents malware and viruses. Backing up critical data AND checking backups periodically will ensure your business will survive in case of a catastrophic event. To ensure your network and devices are fully protected, we use a state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management tool to gather information about your IT infrastructure allowing us to monitor your network health, detect any potential issues and fix it before they become a bigger problem.

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