Remote Monitoring and Management Support

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Remote Monitoring and Management Support

How many times someone in your business forgot their email password, had problems printing a document or you need to setup an account for a new employee? All these problems can be fixed remotely and in many cases avoided altogether with a proper management system. Remote Monitoring and Management is a high-tech management tool Pronto Tech uses to gather information about your IT infrastructure allowing us to monitor your network health and resolve problems quickly.

Most IT problems are preventable. Patching computers regularly prevents malware and viruses. Backing up critical data AND checking backups periodically will ensure your business will survive in case of a catastrophic event. This will save hours in lost productivity by using our remote monitoring and management services, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is running well.

Our Help Desk system is available by email and phone. Users can open a ticket describing their problem and monitor the ticket status online until the problem is resolved.

What happens if a problem can’t be fixed remotely? We’ll send a Pronto Tech IT professional to your office anywhere in Manassas, Woodbridge, Herndon, Chantilly, Virginia, Maryland or DC.

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