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Pronto Tech’s Managed Cloud Services provide your business with the freedom of working from anywhere and with any device while improving you IT Security.

Managed Cloud Services

The Freedom Your Business Needs Without Compromising Security

Pronto Tech Managed Cloud Services

Whether you're looking to move your in-house server to the cloud, need help figuring out the right cloud solution or need ongoing support for your cloud solution: We Can Help You.

Software as a Service (Office 365, Google Suite)
We can help you select, migrate and manage your cloud service. We also make sure you are using the right licenses and using all the security tools available from these vendors.

Infrastructure as a Service
If you're running an in-house server for your accounting software or a business application, we can help you to move it to the cloud (AWS, Azure). We take care of all configurations, maintenance and support so you don't have to worry your server crashing and costing you valuable time.
Cloud Security
All benefits of Cloud services mean nothing if it's the security is not properly configured and monitored. Most cloud providers offer powerful tools to secure their services and users. We have the expertise to leverage these tools to make sure your business is protected online.

What is "Cloud Services"?

Cloud services are a way of using the internet to access different kinds of resources, such as storage, software, or computing power. Instead of having to buy and maintain your own hardware or software, you can use cloud services to get what you need on demand.


For example, you can store your photos and videos on a cloud service like Google Photos or Dropbox, or you can use a cloud service like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs to create and edit documents online.


Cloud services can also help you run complex applications or processes without having to invest in expensive infrastructure or equipment. For example, you can use a cloud service like Amazon Web Services to host your website or virtual server.

Steps For a Successful Cloud Implementation


Cloud Platform Selection

Selecting a Cloud Service provider can be confusing. They offer similar but at the same time very different services and different subscriptions model. Do you need to share documents? Do you need collaboration tools? We can help you select the right provider based on your business needs.


Cloud Services Design

Once we know what your business needs and goals are we design your cloud services to meet those needs. We select the right licenses and services for your business and put in place the security controls to protect your data.


Implementation And Migration

We understand that minimizing downtime and protecting the information integrity is a priority. We work with you to find the right time to execute the migration and train your employees in the new technology before moving to the new service.


Monitoring and Support

Now that your data is safely migrated to the cloud, we'll monitor it for any signal of potential threats and make sure you're getting the most out of the cloud services. We also provide support for your employees, ranging from passwords changes, email access, file sharing and more.

We have been using Pronto Tech for many years to manage all aspects of our computers and network. Pronto Tech has provided excellent support and services. Their knowledge and expertise are second to none. Their support services and staff are always available and have been extremely responsive whenever they are needed (including weekends). I highly recommend Pronto Tech for all computer/network needs.

Pierce FH, Manassas

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