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Managed Microsoft 365 Services

Why use Pronto Tech's Manage Microsoft 365 Services?

Microsoft 365 is a powerful yet complex suite of tools that will allow your business to communicate and share information securely from anywhere and on any device. Pronto Tech's IT Managed Microsoft 365 Services will take the complexity out of Microsoft 365 Services while allowing your business to maximize the investment in Microsoft 365.

Managed Microsoft 365 Services Benefits

Enhanced security and compliance

We protect your data and devices from cyber threats, and ensure you meet the regulatory standards for your industry.

Increased productivity and collaboration

We help you leverage the full potential of MS365 applications and features, such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Power BI, to enable seamless communication and teamwork across your organization.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency


We reduce the complexity and cost of managing Microsoft 365 internally, freeing up IT resources and budget for other strategic initiatives.

Expert support and guidance


Pronto Tech experts assist you with any issues or questions you may have and offer you best practices and recommendations to improve your Microsoft 365 experience.

From Welcome to Goodbye:
Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Made Easy

Find out how Pronto Tech makes hiring and saying goodbye to team members easy and worry-free, by turning complicated tech tasks into simple, automatic steps!

Managed Microsoft 365 Services Services

Administration and optimization

We manage and optimize your Microsoft 365 subscriptions, licenses, settings, and policies. We use to simplify and enhance the administration and optimization of Microsoft 365

Security and compliance

We ensure your Microsoft 365 environment is secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations. We use tools like Microsoft Defender to monitor and protect Microsoft 365 from threats and vulnerabilities

Migration and deployment

Ready to move to Microsoft 365? We can help you move your data and applications from your legacy system to Microsoft 365. By using the right tools and processes we minimize the downtime for your business

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