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A Note From the Founder

I came to the USA from Cuba a little over 20 years ago, with less than $100 in my pockets, but full of dreams and fears. 

My first job was in Florida installing landscape sprinkler systems. It was a tough job that had nothing to do with my formal training as a Software Engineer, but I was grateful to have a job. It allowed me to earn some money to help me get on my feet.

Every day after work, I would ride a bicycle to the public library. There, I would use the computers to search and apply for jobs as a software engineer (remember Monster and Hotjobs?).


However, I got lucky, and through a friend, I found a job in Maryland writing software to test telecommunications equipment. When I received the salary offer, I felt sick, I couldn't believe I could make that much money. I was barely making $25 per month in Cuba (and unfortunately, that isn’t a typo).


The Dotcom bubble burst in the early 2000s hit the company I was working for really hard. After 2 years I finally lost my job the day before Christmas Eve. There I learned a valuable lesson: if you don't control your destiny, someone else will.

While I was unemployed, submitting my resume online again (though this time around, with some experience), I received a call from a friend. He wanted to know if I could help set up a small network for a company that had recently bought new computers and ordered a T1 line. More importantly, and shockingly to me at the time, they were willing to pay for my time. A few more jobs later, and almost without realizing it, I had started my own business: Pronto Tech.

Years have passed and technologies have changed. We have since embraced the Cloud and been on top of cybersecurity challenges. And while the technology has evolved, the needs of Small Businesses have remained the same: to have reliable and secure access to the information they need to run their business, all without breaking the bank. 

That’s why our approach remains the same: to provide the best IT Service at a price you can afford, so you can invest your time, your money, and your energy into growing your business.

Ernesto Felixovich Ramirez
Founder & CEO

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