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Doctor and Patient
Managed IT Services and IT Support
For Healthcare Providers

Why Pronto Tech?

Pronto Tech has been providing IT Support for medical offices for more than 15 years.  Because of our extensive healthcare industry experience and expertise, Pronto Tech can assist your medical practice with all IT needs ranging from system installations (EMR, PACS, Practice Software) to user support and regulation compliance.

IT Solutions for Healthcare Providers

EMR Support

Whether you host your EMR in-house or on the cloud we can support it. We work with your EMR vendor to ensure your systems run reliably and securely.


HIPAA Compliance

We implement comprehensive security solutions necessary to meet and stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations.



Our managed cybersecurity services are designed to protect patients’ information, keep your data secured, and actively monitor for cyberthreats.


Help Desk

Our IT experts can help your users with everyday IT issues, saving you time and making your practice more efficient.

What Does it Take to Be HIPAA Compliant?

  1. Conduct a risk assessment to identify the potential threats and vulnerabilities to your PHI.

  2. Implement administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect your PHI from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

  3. Train your staff on HIPAA policies and procedures, and monitor their compliance.

  4. Document your HIPAA compliance efforts and keep records of any incidents or breaches involving PHI.

  5. Report any breaches or violations of HIPAA to the affected individuals and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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Have Questions About your HIPAA Compliance Status?

Do You Know How to Protect Your Practice Against Cyberthreats?

8 Steps to Protect Your Practice

Ernesto has earned my trust to solve our problems quickly, he typically gets back to me when I leave a message within several minutes, he often shops for needed equipment like computers and gets a great price, he helps set up the IT in each of my offices, and he has a friendly can-do attitude.  I highly recommend him.

Dr. Tod Davis, Virginia Vision Therapy Center

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Health Care Providers?

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