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Managed Cyber Security

Secure Your Business from Hackers and Cyber Threats with Pronto Tech Cyber Security Services

Do you think hackers aren’t paying attention to your business because you’re not a Fortune 500 business? Think again. Small Businesses make more than 60% of cyber attack victims. Why? Because many small businesses lack the knowledge or the budget to protect themselves, therefore becoming an easy target for hackers. If your business handles private data like employee's SSN, customer's credit cards or patient's health information, you cannot afford to ignore cybersecurity and hope that you will fly “under the radar”. It can be a very costly mistake.

Pronto Tech can help your organization to implement all the steps necessary to have an effective cybersecurity strategy to protect your network against cyber attacks.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity


  • We identify your sensitive data, who access it, and how it is used


  • We protect your data, devices, your network, and your communications


  • We monitor and look for intrusions in your infrastructure


  • We investigate any threat detected on your network to find the vulnerabilities


  • We eliminate and remediate the incident and report to you

End-User Security Awareness Training

Many believe that once they install a firewall and protect their computers with an antivirus, they are no longer at risk. That’s a mistake. Reports show that 90% of cyberattacks are caused by human behavior. That’s why at Pronto Tech we train our customers to be aware of cyberthreats and know how to avoid them.

Our Security Solutions Also Include:

  • Periodic IT Security Audits

  • Workstation, Network, and Server Monitoring, Alerts and Remediation

  • Managed Endpoint Protection (MDM)

  • Hardware Firewall with Unified Threat Management (UTM)

  • Web and Content Filtering

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Advanced Email Protection 

  • Email Phishing and Spoofing Simulations

  • Data Loss Prevention and Encryption

  • Image and File-based Backups (Onsite / Offsite)

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

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