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Managed IT Services And Compliance Solutions For Government Contractors

Why Pronto Tech?

Pronto Tech's GovCon IT services specialize in delivering tailored solutions that align with the unique demands of government contracts. Our expertise in cybersecurity, data management, compliance, and real-time collaboration ensures that contractors meet government regulations and project requirements seamlessly.
With Pronto Tech, you can confidently focus on delivering exceptional results, knowing that your IT infrastructure is secure, efficient, and compliant, enabling you to excel in government contracts with peace of mind.

Small to mid-size Government Contractors face a challenging environment. They not only have to face increasing competition from giant companies, but they also have to meet strict federal regulations for cybersecurity, such as NIST 800-171 and now CMMC.

Pronto Tech’s cost-effective IT solutions help government contractors achieve and, more importantly, stay in compliance. This allows smaller firms to compete successfully in today’s tough environment while meeting regulatory requirements.

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IT Solutions for Government Contractors

  • Server Management
    Is your server an afterthought, something running in a closet with nobody bothering to check its status? If that’s the case, this approach could prove to be very expensive. Servers fail like any other device and if not properly protected, an intruder could use it to hack into your network. Our Server Management services include: 24×7 monitoring and early alerts Periodic Backups (Onsite and Offsite) Software patching and updating Hardware monitoring Server virtualization (onsite and offsite, AWS and Azure)
  • Network Management
    A mismanaged network can lead to issues such as slow file transfer and poor network connections. These issues can lead to data loss and low productivity. Performance is the key to the effectiveness of your business operations. Pronto Tech’s Network Management services are designed to maximize network speed and reliability. Our Network Services include: Design, implement and manage robust network infrastructures Manage bandwidth, routers, switches Setup and Manage Secure and Guest WiFi Networks Implement fault tolerance networks Support VoIP applications Network monitoring and reporting
  • Backup and Data Recovery Management
    Let’s face it, there will be times that you will run into problems with your IT infrastructure. This can lead to data loss or even worse scenarios. A common issue that can spell disaster on your IT infrastructure, is malicious software or viruses. These can literally ruin everything and make you lose vital documents for your business. You should, therefore, prevent catastrophic events by backing up your data regularly. Pronto Tech’s Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy is centered around having multiple backup copies, On-Site and Off-Site, verifying those backups regularly, and having a clear Recovery plan in case a disaster strikes. Protection for both physical and virtual systems Restore entire servers, volumes or specific files, emails, or folders Safeguards against fire, theft, sabotage, and natural disaster 24×7 backup result monitoring Regular backup verification Support for operating systems, hypervisors, and applications Reliable, offsite, scalable data protection
  • Endpoint Device Management
    A desktop is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your business and if is not maintained properly it’ll slow down the whole business operation or even worse, it may compromise your data security. Besides, frustrated employees are not the most productive ones. Therefore, a desktop (as well as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices) need to be in an optimum state. To achieve it we regularly perform the following tasks: Install OS Patches and Updates Install 3rd party Software Updates Monitor Antivirus and Firewall status and Scan notifications Monitor Security Status Monitor Installed software and remove unapproved applications Monitor Hardware status

What Exactly is CUI?

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is sensitive information that, while not classified, requires protection and security measures due to its significance to national security and federal interests.


Protecting CUI is of paramount importance for government contractors. CUI encompasses sensitive data that, if compromised, could have serious implications for national security and contractual obligations. Safeguarding CUI not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also upholds the trust and security of government contracts. It demonstrates a commitment to data integrity and confidentiality, reducing the risk of breaches, potential legal consequences, and reputational damage.


By prioritizing the protection of CUI, government contractors not only fulfill their contractual obligations but also contribute to the overall national cybersecurity resilience.

What is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification CMMC 2.0?

Over the years we have tried many different IT tech service and support companies and individuals, usually with less than stellar results. Since we contracted with Pronto Tech, our IT problems and issues have virtually disappeared because their due diligence in properly setting up our system, server and protocols, as well as the constant monitoring and support of our system. Pronto Tech has certainly taken away the worries and concerns that we had for years with other IT companies.

Bob Kessler / SFG

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