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Case Study: Pronto Tech’s Onsite Presence Resolves Persistent IT Issues for a Property Management Firm

Updated: May 18

A medium-sized company managing multiple properties in the DC Metro area was plagued by persistent IT challenges. With around 20 computers in their network, connectivity issues had become a daily hurdle, particularly affecting their VoIP phone system. Despite having a robust gigabit Fios connection, their technological infrastructure was failing them. After enduring several months of unresolved issues with an out-of-state MSP, they turned to Pronto Tech for a solution that would require more than just remote diagnostics.

The Challenge

The client was experiencing significant operational interruptions due to VoIP call drops and sluggish internet connectivity. These issues were affecting not only their internal operations but also their ability to communicate with clients and tenants effectively. The need for a reliable, high-performing IT infrastructure was critical.

The Pronto Tech Approach

Upon engagement, Pronto Tech deployed a team for an onsite assessment. With the aid of specialized software and cabling equipment, the team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the physical and network infrastructure.

The onsite diagnostics revealed several key issues:

  • Damaged Network Cables: Pronto Tech identified and replaced damaged cabling impairing data flow.

  • Network Loop: A critical network loop was discovered and rectified, eliminating the congestion that had been crippling network efficiency.

  • Improper Equipment Placement: Network switches were found lying on the floor, contributing to the network issues. Pronto Tech reorganized and securely mounted all networking equipment.

Beyond the physical fixes, Pronto Tech also optimized the client's Microsoft 365 setup. Computers were integrated into Azure Active Directory, improving security and user management, and MS 365 licenses were reassessed for efficient utilization.

Within a few weeks, the property management firm witnessed a complete transformation of its IT operations. VoIP calls became reliable, internet speed and connectivity stabilized, and the newly installed managed switches and UTM router provided a level of network insight and security they had not experienced before.

Future Outlook

The DC property management firm now anticipates a solid network performance and a robust IT infrastructure. With Pronto Tech's monitoring and management software in place and a commitment to responsive service, they look forward to a productive and secure IT environment.


This case study exemplifies Pronto Tech’s ability to deliver timely, onsite IT support that addresses not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of IT issues. The successful resolution of connectivity challenges showcases Pronto Tech's dedication to providing comprehensive, client-focused IT solutions that drive operational efficiency and reliability.


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