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Case Study: Streamlining Operations for GFCC through Cloud Migration

Updated: Oct 16, 2023


In the construction industry, efficiency, accessibility, and reliability are paramount. For GFCC, embracing modern IT solutions was essential to meet these demands. Pronto Tech stepped in to revolutionize GFCC's operations by migrating their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This case study highlights the journey of enhancing productivity, security, and accessibility for GFCC through strategic cloud adoption.

Challenges Faced: GFCC previously relied on an in-house server, which acted as both a file server and Active Directory controller. This server also hosted the Sage database, making it a central component of their IT infrastructure. The challenge was to modernize their operations while ensuring data security and accessibility for field personnel.

Our Approach:

  1. Email Migration to Office 365: We began by migrating GFCC's email systems to Office 365, providing a robust and reliable communication platform. This move allowed for seamless email access and enhanced collaboration through tools like Microsoft Teams.

  2. File Sharing on Office 365: To enable secure file sharing and remote access, we migrated GFCC's file storage to Office 365. This transition ensured that project files and documents were accessible securely from any location.

  3. Azure Active Directory Integration: We connected GFCC's computers to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), streamlining user management and enhancing security. This integration simplified user authentication and improved access control.

  4. Sage Database Migration: Recognizing the importance of Sage for GFCC's financial operations, we migrated the Sage database to a cloud provider. This move ensured data integrity, accessibility, and scalability while reducing reliance on the on-premises server.

Results and Benefits:

By executing this comprehensive cloud migration strategy, GFCC experienced several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Field staff, including foremen and project managers, gained secure access to essential files and email from anywhere. This improved workflow efficiency and project coordination.

  • Increased Reliability: Decommissioning the on-premises server eliminated a single point of failure, enhancing system reliability and minimizing downtime.

  • Data Security: Data stored on Office 365 and the cloud database benefited from robust security measures, reducing the risk of data loss or breaches.

  • Scalability: The cloud-based solutions provided scalability to accommodate GFCC's growing needs, ensuring the IT infrastructure could adapt to future challenges.

  • Cost Efficiency: With the reduction of on-premises hardware and maintenance costs, GFCC realized cost savings while improving IT capabilities.


The journey of modernization transformed GFCC's operations, making them more agile, reliable, and secure. Pronto Tech's strategic cloud migration not only improved accessibility and productivity but also positioned GFCC for future growth. This case study showcases the power of embracing cloud technology to meet the evolving demands of the construction industry.


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